Rapid Rise of Tayyip Erdogan's Eccentricities

His latest phobia is food; definitely a delusional mental disorder distinctive by feelings of preeminence and grandeur.  Though no Turkish leader has yet died of poisoned food, Erdogan's  paranoia of someone mixing poison with his food has far exceeded his  fear of getting bumped off by a freak bullet or a threat through any  other source.  It has also given him an excuse to extend the  magnificence of his heavily guarded 1150-room alcazar.  Very soon an  extensive lab will be built attached to the palace (with a 24-hour  emergency team consisting of half a dozen medics) to test every bit of  food and confirm that it's safe to eat before being put on the "royal"  dinner table of AK Saray in Ankara.

Source?  Just Google "tasting Erdogan's food for poison"  and also look up the article at The Guardian.

Image source: Lebanon Middle-East -  أمن أردوغان يفحص كل وجبة طعام تُقدّم إليه - مركز بيروت لدراسات الشرق الأوسط

Image source:  Crowd Act - Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan enjoying his ice-cream as his staff eagerly watching him. We are looking for a TITLE for this photograph. Share your ideas on Crowdact.

Coming to another piece of lunacy .... 
Source:  http://www.theguardian.co m/world...

Source:  http://www.theguardian.co m/world...

The above images may look like a fancy dress party but these are actual protocol in Ankara.

During  an official visit in January 2015, Mahmoud Abbas was received by Tayyip  Erdogan at the 1150-room AK Saray.  The Turkish leader was flanked by 16  palace guards in Ottoman era warriors' outfits with spears, swords,  shields and armors.  These  palace guards must have had a good laugh up their sleeves.  Not at all unlikely that any day Mr. Erodgan's suit and necktie will be replaced with mintan, zibin, kusak and the kalpak.   The man has completely lost his mind!
Source of image:
Erdogan on top

His obsession with the Syrian war is linked with this historical fantasy when parts of Syria were under Ottoman rule.  Those were nice and happy times.  But influenced by his dream pipe aspirations, this idiot is now trying to snatch away those parts of Syria that were ruled by the Ottomans 300 years ago.  He really thinks that the Khawarijite Al Qaeda criminals are his "Ottoman" warriors who will win Syria for him and put him on the 'throne' as the new "pasha."  This bizarre day dream of the psycho Turkish president has been largely responsible for the death of over 250,000 Syrians with plenty more displaced.

Everyone knows that Islamic  history is rich and great.  The early Ottomans were superb  rulers .. undeniable.  But Erdogan's worrisome madness isn't the way to revive our glorious past by  constructing a deceptive and ostentatious facade and stealing millions  from the public coffer with corruption, treachery and tyranny  fermenting at a breakneck speed beneath that facade.   Soul of the great Osman Ghazi must have turned restless with revulsion! 

Whether or not the majority of Turks really support Erdogan is hardly significant.  So,  how did Erdogan (who came as a timid prime minister in 2003) gradually  get so bold to the point of establishing himself as the "king" of Turkey  .. literally?  As usual, it's the backing of the Western governments that's had such a ridiculous reaction on this man's already unstable mind.   He's not wary of the secular Turkish  generals any more.  On the contrary, he is now controlling the military.  Within the last decade the West has acquired enough confidence in the loyalty of Tayyip Erdogan as their man in Turkey to replace the Turkish army and the legacy of Mostafa Kemal.  From bullheaded secularism to Safafist megalomania, Turkey's recent history has been anything but enviable. 

Absolute power after waiting for years can cause perpetual bouts of peculiar shit fits.  Rajjab Erdogan is now seriously in need of psychiatric help.   Far more vital than a food testing lab, what needs to be constructed and  attached to AK Saray is a mental health clinic. Daily counseling by  experienced psychoanalysts may eventually help to bring this fruitcake  down-to-earth from his hypnotic trance and rejoin the human race.


  1. Woaa! LMAO. From a ceremonial role of a president in Turkey the country's constitution calls for president-for-life cosily tucked up in a 1,000-plus-room $700 million castle. Nah, this "president" isn't there for a 5-year term; this bugger is a president for life. Agree he's in dire need of psychological evaluation more urgently than Valerie 'Rottweiler" and her Al-Qaeda supporting boyfriend Francois.


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