The wretched wolves are eying Syria again, this time in a very disturbing manner

On March 2 there  was a lengthy televised discussion at Atlantic Council's Brent Scowcroft  Center with General John Allen (envoy for the bogus global coalition  supposedly fighting its ally, ISIL) on "The future of the fight against ISIL"  where he mentions "we will protect the rebel fighters in Syria with air power and safe corridors."  Syria's free press blog titles it as "War Crimes Alert."

Note:  Their title has been changed from "moderates" to "Syrian rebel fighters."

The Future of the Fight Against ISIL: A Discussion with General John Allen, USMC (Ret.)

Responding to a query by Farah Al-Atassi, a faithful lackey of the financiers of this proxy war who works for the so-called Syrian Economic Task Force, Gen. Allen makes it obvious that the US Army is again up to mass killing.  Quoting his false version of the story on the ground to justify war against President Bashar al-Assad:  "From  north and west of Raqqa all the way to  al-Bukamal, I don’t think you’re going to find too much difficulty  finding people that want to deal with DAESH and then eventually deal  (with the Assad regime) on the political level at some point in the  future.  It is clearly part of our plan that not only will we train  them and we will equip them with the latest weapons systems, but we will  also protect them, when the time comes."

John  Kerry held an  urgent press conference with Saud al-Faisal on March  5.   Francois  Hollande held a meeting at Elysee Palace with SNC  leader, nincompoop Khaled Khoja, also on March 5.  Turkey's non-entity  PM and Erdogan's serf, Ahmed Davutoglu, spoke to reporters on his flight  to New York on March 4 grumbling that the Syrian turmoil was a national  security threat for Turkey.  America's rent boy, "prince" Zeid Raad Hussein  of Jordan who is supposed to be the UN High Commissioner for Human  Rights (of all things)  sang the same gross tune, frilled with lies upon  lies, in his speech in Geneva, March 5.

Though the intention is to use the services of ISIL behind the veil to topple Assad, it will likely be carried out under cover of a couple of thousands of "Syrian rebel fighters"  sent to ISIL controlled areas of Syria. In case the belligerent ISIL refuses to cooperate, targeting the "rebel fighters" as much as it would target Assad, direct military intervention by NATO in Assad controlled Syria would be inevitable.

Official reports are exaggerating the number of "Syrian rebels"  and they have since long been downplaying the number of ISIL fighters.  In the discussion video (link above), Gen. Allen mentions sending 5,000  Syrian rebels to defeat ISIL and then fight the Syrian government. The  accurate number of these "rebels" is far less than 5,000 .. no more than  half of that.  But even if we presume there are 5,000 "rebels," let's  analyze the odds against them.

According to CIA estimate ISIL had over 30,000 fighters by September 2014 in Syria and Iraq. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (which is far more accurate than CIA) estimates that  the force numbers 80,000 to 100,000 (approximately 50,000 in Syria and  30,000 in Iraq).  Is it ever possible for 5,000 ragtag militants like the "Syrian rebels"  to topple the Syrian government and simultaneously confront a mammoth force like ISIL (thanks to none else other than US & EU) without the  physical presence of NATO?  Proxies aren't working any longer.  That's  the hard fact beneath this facade.

Outwardly each one of those rogue leaders are bellowing away, comparing Assad with ISIL, saying "Syrians should not be forced to choose between the barbarity of Assad and the barbarity of ISIS."  

No need to mention that  this is an indescribably preposterous comparison .. absolutely shameful on the part of those who constructed it.

The  war mongers have held at least four meetings separately within the time frame of the last three days, playing the lyrics of war louder than ever.

As  the melodrama of this disgusting setup deepens, the international community will continue to be fed with startling myths about Assad joining hands with ISIL killing the Syrian people and the "first world" leaders - lovers of humanity -  fretting to save their lives.

It's a bit puzzling trying to figure out what might be the reason for this sudden overly psychopathic tendency of flexing muscles and planning another mass murder.   Impatience?  Appeasing Netanyahu by neutralizing his worries over a possible peace deal with Iran?   Or both? 

Looks like it's headed for another 'trendsetting' event in history proceeding further with the destruction of international norms and human values under cover of a utopian world.

This month would be crucial.  The world must consider itself lucky if it passes without Syria left in tatters as was Libya.

Below are some images of people one would love to hate:

Real bad boys - Kerry and Saud al-Faisal in Riyadh March 5.

Hollande and Khoja - 2 top morons, it's hard to guess what these spectacular donkeys are capable of discussing  other than upgrading a proxy war into a direct one by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO). Hollande's approval rating is barely in its teens.  Even Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were probably not as unpopular as him. 

Useless as ever, small fry / loser, Ahmet Davutoglu carrying out Erdogan's orders initiate the bloodiest round of war in Syria.

"prince" Raad Hussein - carrying out orders from Washington.  He neither has the authority nor the brain to go beyond that.

Read the details:

Above -an  interesting image from Islamic Invitation Turkey shows an FSA commander  of Ahrar al-Sham caught at a checkpoint by Syrian authorities while  trying to escape disguised as a woman.  These are the type of people whom the US, EU and Israel want in Syria instead of Assad.
Ahrar Al Sham brigade commander, former FSA, dressed like a woman in order to escape through a checkpoint