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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yemen: It's a Revolution, NOT a "crisis"

Why the heck is it being called a "crisis" by the international media while the Al Qaeda invasion of Syria is dubbed 'a revolution?'

"The pro-Iranian Houthi rebels ousted Yemen’s pro-American puppet  regime in February, seizing the country’s capital Sanaa as well as key  ports and an airbase in Aden. .. The Saudi attack on Yemen is a  desperate attempt to undermine a popular uprising against the country’s  degenerate ruling class who has long sacrificed Yemen’s national interests and natural resources for the benefit of plunderous foreigners." - Brandon Martinez.

Story:  Saudi regime begins bombing offensive in Yemen

With the creation of a new demon, "Saudi coalition," civilian  casualties in Yemen are rapidly on the rise.  In less than 5 days, 50  dead, at least 250 injured and thousands have fled their homes.  How deftly the US/Saudi joint murder venture dupes the distracted international community into singing that chorusMuslims kill  Muslims while America wants peace.
Is this how the proponents of the "free world'" respond to a popular uprising in a sovereign country?
The Columbian

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