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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Operation Decisive Storm" - A decisive Waterloo

Saudi-Led Coalition Ends Month-Long Aggression against Yemen without Tangible Achievements
Image source:  Here

The puppet Kingdom stops bombing after 28 days on orders from the White House with a ludicrous face-saving statement that they have "obtained their goals." Cold blooded murder of 3,000 civilians, injuring many more, flattening the country's infrastructure and soaking their hands a deeper shade of red are "goals"?? 

Yet they don't have a darn clue of the secret depots of the revolutionaries for storing weapons, armored vehicles and rockets. Claim of senior Saudi officials on the destruction of "80%" of the movement's weapons and Yemen's ballistic missiles couldn't have been more dishonest and farcical. 

If these sick aggressors aren't tried for war crimes, the ICC might as well shut itself up for good.

Story Here

Yemenis to Protest in Condemnation of Saudi Massacres
Yemen:  Protest against Saudi massacres.
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