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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Obama and his predecessor: A clever crook is more cunning than a dumb one.

All this anxiety  supposedly ensuing from US/Israel fallout over Iran and Obama's alleged  rocky relations with Netanyahu are stage play in real bad taste. Purpose  is to give a free hand to the Zio-rat, allowing him make unilateral  decisions to harass Iran while the unconscientious nincompoop hides in  the Oval Office pretending to be angry and helpless.  Don't buy this  crap. No different from the creation of  "Saudi coalition" intended to allow the puppet kingdom do the killing  with no dearth of multi-billion dollar packages from the State Deptt.  while the Commander-in-chief watches ball hockey and plans vacations  with his extravagant wife.  More than the lie it's the insult to your  intelligence that's infuriating.

Tony Cartalucci at Land Destroyer say much.

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