Politisizing little Hudea's war horrors?

For the official media just about everything is business.

Is the viral cyber coverage of Hudea's image meant to express sympathy for the little girl suffering the horrors of a preemptive war OR to muster support for the proxy war justifying Western alliance with Al-Nusra and scapegoating the Syrian government emotionally traumatizing children?

The uncontrollable developments have left the U.S. government feeling quite naked. With the entire group of Syrian rebels (aka FSA or the Hazm brigade) officially disbanding and defecting to join either Al-Nusra or ISIL running its mafia and so-called caliphate, Al-Nusra is the State Department's only hope to directly continue fingering Assad. But the much needed facade of Hazm to shield the embarrassing but indispensable link of the U.S. with Al Qaeda is no more.

Nonetheless, whatever the situation on the ground, CFR's frantic advise to the U.S. is to keep Al-Nusra "afloat to contain ISIL." While Al-Nusra has been rebranded as "moderate Syrian fighters," CFR doesn't yet know (or doesn't want to know) that ISIL is the new official title of the main Al Qaeda structure, throwing the oldies of OBL's time under the bus. 

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