Beware of Hadith rumor on so-called NASA confirmation on sun rising from West

By Sister Heba - Muslim Villa

Okay folks, salams.   Now listen.  I just wanna have your attention for a few minutes.  Read this carefully so that you don't get duped by some Hadither.  They're up to a certain mischief again which is going around in emails.

This rumor first started two years ago and went around like hot cakes.  Then it stopped.  Then resumed last year.  Then again this year. Keeps coming and subsiding like the tides of a sea.  It claims that "Nasa confirms possibility of sun rising from the West."  The (Hadith) gossip mongers are also attaching a screen shot of this info on a newspaper-like document which they have prepared themselves, but it doesn't show which newspaper, journal or document that is.  That's because it was never published on any officially recognized newspaper. Look below, this is supposed to be the source.  No one in their right minds will trust this sort of presentation.  At best, this could be a local community newspaper issued weekly or monthly by some community mosque.  These are always handled by Hadithist imams, so they're very capable to twisting and printing such baseless info.

As you can also see, someone has put the year as 2010 in their handwriting when it started first.  So it's actually quite an old game.

This gossip is being circulated by a Pakistani online discussion forum called "Siasat" meaning 'politics.'   I searched everywhere.  NASA never said anything of the sort.  There's absolutely no NASA website or direct NASA source announcing this piece of news. 

NASA said something very different concerning a rare celestial event that took place in 2004 that's seen once in a lifetime by Allah's will.   NASA called it 'Venus Transit: A Celestial Rarity' when planet Venus appeared to cross in front of the sun as seen from Earth. What NASA really said was that the event will be over by the time the sun rises over the West Coast of  US.   The Siasat forum guys have turned this around into saying "sun will rise from the West."   Here's the Nasa link which gives complete details of the rare Venus transit event but nothing of sun suddenly rising from the West and setting in the East:

Here is the most important part of it.  Allah has said in the Noble Quran in several verses that the Last Day will come suddenly and unawares WITHOUT any warning signs.   Allah has made it ample clear again and again in the Quran that neither the Prophet (S) nor any other human being has knowledge of the approaching Hour.  This information is about the most important one of the unseen about which Allah never informed any of His messsengers.  Only Allah Almighty knows it and no one else. 

Also, only the information in the Quran is right.  This hadith myth of sun rising from West is confirmed idle talk. The beloved Prophet (S) never spoke such unwarranted stuff. These are the casual gossips of hadith narrators & writers.  There is more than one narrator who have indulged in this deceit and one of them is no other than the champion liar, Abu Huraira.  Here's what this man said by falsely using the Prophet's (S) name: "Abu Hurayra(R.A.) narrated ... that the Messenger of Allah SWT said :'The day of the hour will not come until the sun rises from the west, if it rises and the people saw it they will all believe, when a time where nothing will be accepted anymore of believe
the truth
' " (Bukhari & Muslim).

Hence, this baseless yap yap of NASA confirming about the sun coming up from the West is being constructed only for the purpose of bringing this false Hadith into the limelight and giving it some importance before the people forget about it altogether. 


Also refer to the contents of THIS post that elucidates clearly as ever that there will be NO warning signs of the Last Day and the Prophet (pbuh) was not avid of the unseen.