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Saturday, May 16, 2015

GCC Conference at Camp David May 2015. ~Gasp~ Mother of all hypocrisies! Much too sick.

GCC leaders met with Obama at the WH and Camp David (Maryland) May 13  & 14, respectively.  They emphasized at the conference, quote:   “there is no military solution to the regions’ armed civil conflicts,  which can only be resolved through political and peaceful means.   Respect for all states’ sovereignty and non-interference in their  internal affairs”  only two weeks after invading Yemen, killing over  3000, flattening civilian homes with  thousands of Yemenis living in tents, and then announcing a phoney  ceasefire yet continuing to bomb and kill until that very moment while  they attended the conference and decried violence.

What a load of cobblers!

PressTV-Tehran slams Camp David statement

Source of image:  Press TV link given above.

Source of image:  Press TV link given above.
This is Saudi airstrike on Sanaa, May 11.

Announcing "no military solution .." on May 14 after doing this on May 11 which is expected to continue despite a "ceasefire."

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