ISIL & Yazidis - nothing to choose between

ISIL went on a killing spree against the Yazidis in Iraq in the summer of 2014. The world condemned it with loud calls of "Save Yazidis from extermination." Then in January 2015, armed Yazidi militias carried out revenge attacks - NOT AGAINST ISIL - but against unarmed Sunni Arab villagers of two villages in the Sinjar region, northern Iraq. The report by Amnesty International was released as recently as June 10 of 2015 according to which, "Virtually not a single house was spared. Half of those killed were elderly or disabled men and women and children." The world hasn't yet condemned it, though it MUST just as loudly. A band of marauders "exterminate" you, and when you get your turn and because you don't have the b@lls to exterminate them, so you exterminate an innocent third party. Smells bloody foul all the way through .. start to finish.

Another question.  Since when and how did the Yazidis suddenly get armed to the teeth?  The world touted them as defenseless minority getting "exterminated" by ISIL.  Suddenly the exterminated get so audacious that they take their exterminators as their role models.  Another vivid portrayal to arm, divide and rule. Does anyone need to be told who is behind it?

Read complete story at Amnesty International:
Yazidis carry out village massacre of Sunnis as anti-Islamic state backlash continues.