Al-Fu'aa, Kefraya and Al-Zabadani - Media LIE about "land swap" in Syria

The towns of Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya have been among the symbols of resistance against heavily armed terrorists backed by the West, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the gulf states.  Negotiations were recently underway between Iran and Turkey over the exchange of 30,000 civilians of these two towns for hundreds of trapped Al Qaeda terrorists in the Syrian hill station of al-Zabadani.  But the terrorists refused to move out of the resort city and consequently talks failed.  To cover up the obdurate attitude of Al Qaeda infiltrators, the mainstream media (including al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya) has dubbed this episode as a "population swap" / "land swap on the part of Iran and Syria "to change the demographics and partition the country."  Much too laughable an accusation considering that the top priority of the invading marauders and their sponsors has been the fragmentation of Syria since 2013.  Why in the world would the Syrian government support a negotiation to break up its own country beyond what the foreign agents and their financiers have already done?   

The rumor being swirled by these buffoons, and specifically quoting an Al Arabiya journalist : "It is an operation designed to remove anti-Assad inhabitants from the Zabadani valley and villages around it with the aim that opposition forces would then grant safe passage to forces loyal to Assad and the population of two enclaves of Fuaa and Kefraya in north Idleb provinceWell, all of those in Fu'aa and Kefraya are civilians, more than 30,000. That's their home. Why and where would they be relocated?  President Bashar Al-Assad has never spoken (not even hinted) of ever giving an inch of Syrian land to those foreign occupying thugs nor would the residents of Fu'aa and Kefraya ever agree to such a humiliating deal and neither would Iran consider for a moment to peddle an offer as weird as this.    

The same manipulating source also mentions "It is reported that Iranian officers discussed with opposition leaders a deal to move Syrians, mainly Sunnis, from a strategic town close to Damascus. The area also includes Barada and Buqqin, two villages rich in water which play a part in controlling water supplies to the capital Damascus"    So, according to this propagandist, Iran and Syria weren't only thinking of selling Fu'aa and Kefraya (and possibly the entire Idlib governorate) but also some "town close to Damascus" (he apparently does not even know the name of the town) along with Barada and Buqqin.  For a moment let us set aside these sloppy myths from unaccomplished story-tellers and analyze the fiction objectively.

The residents of Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya (presently occupied by Al Qaeda groups) have in fact established their own Civil Defense Force in addition to the aerial support by the Syrian Army.  Untiring resistance by NDF is persistently giving Al Qaeda a hard time .. a scenario which is a far cry from handing over one's homeland to the enemy as part of a "land swap" deal.
But hey!  If the offers were really made by Iran and Syria, it should have been a gift from Heaven for Al Qaeda. Why didn't they accept it? Why did those 350 invading murderers holed up in Zabadani stubbornly refuse to budge and why did their bosses squander this prize offer for the sake of 350 of their routed bandits?  No answers, no comments.  Why?  There were no offers of this kind whatsoever.  At best, the terrorists in Fu'aa and Kefraya were given a choice that if they ended the occupation, their defeated comrades besieged in Zabadani would be granted amnesty and escorted out of Zabadani and out of Syria, likely under UN supervision if necessary. But those blockaded terrorists in Zabadani obstinately refused to leave.  Why would they?  Armed robbery of land is a specific branch of thuggery and struggle the "moderate Syrian rebels" have effectively mastered with guidelines from their peers next door in Israel.
You may recall, in 2012 terrorists captured Idlib city and governorate.  This led to an offensive by the Syrian Army and within a couple of months Idlib was retaken.  But in March 2015, AQ splinter groups of Jaysh al-Fateh and Al-Nusra again captured Idlib city and besieged Fu'ah and Kefraya to its north.  Ever since they have been launching mortar shells and hellfire cannons, killing and wounding dozens of civilians.  Though the residents remain resolved and adamant never to surrender to Al Qaeda affiliated thugs, their situation is precarious.  After every victory won by Hezbollah and the Syrian Army at Zabadani, terrorists belonging to Harakat Ahrar as-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and Nusra Front have been carrying out reprisal attacks against civilians in Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya. 

To lighten their ancestral guilt, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya (indispensable lackeys of the mainstream Western channels) find it comforting to paint Iran and Syria as renegades, a trait embedded within the patriarch of the House of Saud who sold Palestine to the Zions via the Brits with a smile and a scribbly signature on a scrap of paper.

Resolve of terrorists in Zabadani is fast waning.  Syrian journalist, Ibrahim Joudeh, at Twitter reports August 23, "twenty Ahrar al-Sham terrorists turned themselves in to the Syrian Army last night and Hezbollah along with SA liberated 15 buildings in Ajjorjaniah."  Hassan Ridha tweeted today "Hezbollah and Syrian Army have captured Omar Farooq Mosque in Zabadani."   Al-Masdar News confirmed August 20, foreign militants have been continuously surrendering in Zabadani. 

The flame of sectarian zeal among isolated segments of hardline Syrian Sunnis that burned furiously during the initial stages of this proxy war is now like an ember that has lost its glow in a trampled bonfire.

The approaching fate of Al Qaeda at Zabadani has been another  disappointment for the agent  provocateurs, inside and outside the country.  The story is thus depicted by the international media with astonishing distortion of facts with long-term motives to alter history.  If your kids and grandkids get a chance to go to American or European universities to study International Relations, they will come out telling you that Syria was balkanized voluntarily by a "corrupt dictator named Bashar al-Assad who ran an evil party called Baath."  Nothing unusual.  It's the same remorseless cycle set off by the NWO that prompts you and me to glorify and demonize the ones we do with a matter-of-fact approach keeping up with trends and traditions of the academia and the intellectual frauds.