Where are the bloody advocates of "democracy" hiding?

More than 1 million Rohingya Muslims in Burma have been barred from voting in the country's upcoming elections on November 2015 and the West calls this a move toward "democracy" by heaping praise on the fascist-killers, Thein Sein and Aun Kan Su Chi, who claim to be the country's "president" and "opposition leader"?? Rohingya Muslims have been stripped off their right to vote only on grounds of their religion. Despite this flagrant problem about which several upfront journalists and activists have loudly stated that such an election is NO part of democracy, all major Burmese political parties are participating in the election instead of boycotting it and neither has the Dalai Lama (CIA's oldest male tramp) expressed a single word of concern, proving once again that pig-headed radicalism is no isolated act but is inherent of the Buddhist culture & faith. Can you imagine the ruckus within planet Earth if such filthy election rules were implemented in Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Tunisia or anywhere within the pan-Islamic world ??