What exactly does Russia plan to achieve from this two-pronged approach?

If Russia is serious about standing up to defend Syria, is it also interested in protecting the existence of the Resistance?  If not, then its support for today's sovereign Syria is pretty much useless.

Russia claims to be talking to the leader of the Syrian opposition (Syrian National Council), Khalid Khoja, for building "a broad coalition to fight Islamic State."  Russians are also supposedly helping Pres. Bashar al-Assad's government to fight IS. 

However, Khalid Khoja and Bashar Assad are far from friends.  This is the same Khalid Khoja who hasn't lived in Syria since age 18.  Yes, it's the same Khalid Khoja who believes that allowing the present Syrian government to survive would be a victory for Iran.  It's the same Khalid Khoja who said in his message as an SNC member in Turkey that the benefit of Zionist Israel lies in the ouster of Assad's government which 
"works for Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas."

Furthermore, various ground fighters and commanders of SNC still have links with IS and ANF (and Russia is conveniently forgetting ANF).  Even if Khalid Khoja agrees to fight IS, he will still want to break away Syria from the Axis of Resistance.  Surely Sergey Lavrov cannot be stupid enough to imagine a handshake between Assad and Khoja for the purpose of a broad based coalition to fight IS.  Not to mention, several Syrian news outlets are already on cloud nine, composing too many lullabies on Russia as Syria's loyal ally to comfort their restive hearts.  Their comical idiocy has gone as far as claiming 'Russia bombed Israel.'  Simultaneously SNC has been boasting that Russia's stance is shifting from Assad to Khoja. 

About time to get serious and stop this assorted bullshit once and for all.  Stay down-to-earth and stay truthful.