Ashura 2015

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" - Imam Hussein, the universal symbol of triumph of REVOLUTIONS and DEFEAT of OPPRESSORS, RENEGADES; an event that will keep the spirit of uprising alive forever. Writes Washington Irving, American historian & author of the 19th century: "Imam Hossein's soul will remain forever under the scorching sun and on the hot sands of Karbala."  Resistance against injustice is not a choice. It is mandatory for the survival of human dignity and justice regardless of the sacrifices and the odds stacked up against the resisting army. 

Muawiyah bin Abu Sufian, the first ruler of the Ommayads, died in 60 AH (680 AD).  In complete violation of Islamic principles, he appointed his son Yazid as his successor, converting the caliphate into a dynasty.  If Hussein wanted he could have very easily saved his life by caving in to the coercion of the Ommayad king, Yazid I, and declaring his allegiance to a disreputable ruler.  But his principles would NOT allow him to take such a step.  Nothing could sway him from the path of his beloved grandfather and the Final Messenger of Allah.  Neither Hussein nor his family felt the slightest fear to fight till the end, defending Islam from corruption, autocracy and the tyranny that comes with it.  What is important in the Sight of Allah is the intention and the depth of one's effort, not the extent of earthly achievement.

Starting from 60 A.H., the first month of our Islamic calendar has been that time of the year when a tender scar erupts into a painful wound once again. The profound grief leaves one numb and distracted. Despondency deepens to realize that similar injustice prevails within the pan-Islamic world and far beyond. Millions continue to tread the path of injustice and corruption but very few have worked to build aspirations from the memories of beloved Hussein.

Rest in comfort dearest, in the loving care of The Almighty, The One, The Only, The Bountiful, The Eternal. 

Art gallery - Battle of Karbala
 photo prisoners karbala.jpg
After the Battle of Karbala, the female members and children of Hussein's family (Household of the Final Messenger pbuh) were taken prisoners, put on chains and made to walk up to Kufa

Guess what you see here?  The 21st century counterpart of Yazid bin Muawiyah attacking Karbala - The 101st Airborne Division of the US army attacks the city of Karbala in April 2003,  the site of the tomb of the Imam Hussein martyred in this city in 680 A.  Unfortunately there have been and are Yazids in every era of Islamic History. 
Source:  Military art by James Dietz - "Strike on Karbala" at