Zion propaganda makes its way from media to commercial hub.

Walmart gone nuts!

In the past there have been children's costumes such as Batman, Superman, Zorro, Robin Hood etc. Unfortunately the trend is slipping from benign amusement to sheer insensitivity and racism. Walmart has begun selling ""Israeli soldiers costume for kids"" at $27.44. The image shows a child wearing IDF costume uniform with Hebrew script above the pocket on the left, holding a toy gun. Needless to mention, this uniform is synonymous around the world with murder, torture, robbery, occupation, child abuse, female abuse, gross human rights' violations, illegal demolitions, environmental destruction and much more. A Palestinian victim of Israeli abuse rightly calls this IDF costume ""an ugly scar in the face of Walmart.""

Walmart goes farther introducing a racist costume called ""Sheikh Fagin Nose,"" a face mask with a large prosthetic hooked nose. It is actually the Jews who have traditionally been ascribed as people with prominent, polly-beak noses by the Western society itself. That traditional cynicism has been turned the other way round and dumped on the Arabs. And why the non-Arab name "Fagin?" Fagin is a character in Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist," supposedly an anti-Semite. 

Rejoinders from Zionist circles to the controversy stirred by Walmart's very poor taste claim that if kids in Gaza can stand outside their homes wearing Hamas outfits then why shouldn't non-Palestinian kids wear mock IDF uniforms? It's pointless telling these folks that while the Hamas garb represents rejection of occupation and return of independence & freedom on Palestinian soil, IDF uniform has made itself a stark universal emblem of brutally crushing human freedom .. the acceptance of which has lately been officialized by one of America's biggest departmental chain stores.

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