David Duke | Take a peek at the enemy's enemy beneath the facade.

Many among us have trusted David Duke for years because of his anti Zionist approach.   But we've never bothered to think seriously that when a white supremacist wrangles with a Zionist or a pro-Zionist, what do we Muslims benefit from that?   Pretty much NOTHING.
According to Duke, the traditions and heritage of America began with those known as the 'founders.'  However, America wasn't "founded."  It was invaded and grabbed by roving European pirates after one of the most ghastly genocides in world history committed against the natives of the land later named 'America.'  And then, the descendants of those perpetrators kidnapped thousands of Africans from the coasts of West Africa, auctioned them in American slave-markets like cattle n sheep to toil on stolen lands that flourished into rich plantations.   That’s America’s heritage.  At present Duke is rightly upset by the lack of "diversity" because he sees those who 'founded' America to be replaced by the Ashkenazi Jewish elites who are only 2% of the population.  Sure that's not "diversity."  Yet, Duke makes no bones about the fact that he has a problem with just about everyone who is not European-American.  Or put it this way:  Religion + color = white Caucasian Christian Europeans is what this former KKK grand wizard is hankering after for it's impossible he isn't aware that those 2% Ashkenazis politically occupying America are white Caucasian Europeans too.
With his quirky ideas on "diversity,"  David Duke wholeheartedly supports Donald Trump's stance on deporting all undocumented immigrants.  Dumping his personal views on the American people, Duke considers the entire system of immigration to be a threat to America's tradition and economy.  The world has been appalled at Trump's idea of banning the entry of Muslims in America.  Duke is one of the few who never denounced this ugly rhetoric.  He admits he does not endorse Donald Trump, asserting that the latter is too pro-Zionist for his liking.  In the same breath Duke gleefully sees Trump as a patriot who talks about American history and culture, waking up "the non-Jewish European-Americans." 

Do such uncanny aspirations on awakening distinguish this fake opponent of Zionism from Donald Trump or Benyamin Netanyahu in any positive light?

We Muslims need to come out of our emotional insecurity, get real and accept that enemy's enemy is NOT necessarily a friend.