Qatar and the neutralist Lebanese Government - the latest quid pro quo

More Al Qaeda terrorists have been freed from prison to fight in Syria.

On December 1, 2015 there was a prisoner swap negotiated between Qatar (home of the financiers of "Muslim Brotherhood") and the government of Lebanon. Twenty-six Al Qaeda prisoners were in the custody of Lebanese authorities. Last summer, Al-Nusra capt
ured 16 Lebanese soldiers. These 16 captives were released by AQ to buy the freedom of 26 terrorists with the help of Qatar, to be sent to Syria.

One of the 26 terrorists released from Lebanese prison is Saja al-Dulaimi, known in terror circles as the "Scheming bride of ISIL who inspires girls." She's the wife (or former wife) of IS chief al-Baghdadi. Reportedly she commands tremendous influence over the entire terror network. She was caught in Lebanon in 2014 trying to escape with false documents, huge sums of money and gold to fund terrorists. Another one of the 26 notorious terrorists freed from Lebanese prison is Mustafa Hujairi whose job was to provide logistical support to ANF and ISIL with more than 200 men under his command.

Could Qatar and Lebanon work on such a deal without the consent of the United States? This isn't simply a matter of 26 more terrorists added to the frontline. It's about the hidden resources and connections of the top guns recently freed. Is it necessary to say how such deals wouldn't have a long-term positive impact on strengthening the terror framework?

Russia and Turkey apparently on a collision course, the terror high-command inside Kulliye in Ankara has suffered a major setback. The panic-stricken CIA needs new ratlines to add more vigor to this war. Irrespective of changing conditions, it's a standing order from the Empire's big boss at Tel Aviv that Bashar al-Assad must go. That has kept the poor Empire frantically on its feet since the past 5 years.