The new joke fresh from the White House: U.S. not for regime change in Syria ..

                                 Image from:  The Brics Post

John Kerry's farewell to 2015 was expressed by a sloppy mincing of words.  He stated to the Russian press that the U.S. isn't seeking regime change any longer. In the same breath the jerkface says Assad must go because he is "a magnet for terrorists" and has no place "in the country's long-term future."  There we go again .... back to square one !! So who the heck is supposed to decide whether or not Assad is suitable for Syria's long-term future, the Syrian people OR the White House, 10 Downing Street and Elysee Palace ??   That's where this lout thinks he is fooling the world with his deceptive u-turn.

Kerry claims that the United States with the help of Russia wants to "stabilize" Syria and "destroy Daesh, a terrorist organization" .... and then refers to Assad as a "magnet for terrorists."   Get his bloody point?   Needless to reiterate, it has always been U.S., U.K. and E.U. that fed and fattened Daesh into a wealthy and prosperous terror organization to topple Assad, and now those same bunch of demonic sponsors are trying to pair up Assad with Daesh.  The hidden intent is to switch favor from terrorists to terrorists - from Daesh to groups like Ahrar as-Sham and Jaish (aka "moderate Syrian rebels") - to re-initiate regime change in Syria in 2016.  Imperialist guile isn't just repugnant .. it's a shame to humanity.

The other vital question is:  Will love for the White House return into Putin's heart and blur his vision, stepping on the carpet of coagulated shit laid for him by Mr. Kerry?

 Fact check:  RT