Angela Merkel: From "Mother of Refugees" to nasty step-mother. Vilification and forced assimilation of Syrian refugees in Europe

Propaganda 2016 against Syrian refugees in Europe is part of a carefully crafted policy of Europe's "iron lady."

In the fall of 2015 Angela's Merkel's theatrical performance was to show herself as the humane Chancellor of Germany eager to accommodate Syrians fleeing the devastation in their once peaceful homeland. Many observers were surprised and impressed.
Merkel was desperate to get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and Time's Person of the Year. Pretending to be sympathetic toward Syrian refugees would help her earn that nomination, which she did in October (or November) 2015. Soon after, the curtains were down and the real Merkel stepped forward when she addressed a large and enthusiastic audience at a conference in Germany.

QUOTE ANGELA MERKEL (be focused on the selection of words)-
"Those who found refuge and protection with us must obey our laws, values and traditions. And in order to understand us, they must learn the German language. All this is integration. All this is the exact opposite of multiculturism. It remains true that multiculturism leads to parallel societies and multiculturism therefore remains a lie."

This video appeared in Globe & Mail approximately a month ago. It's been removed and won't show no more, probably because it's too racist.

A proponent of coercion, she is attempting to be an advocate of "integration." Or perhaps, despite all of her academic qualifications crowding her Wiki biography, the poor old lady really doesn't know what integration means.

Needless to say, every forthright person obeys the laws of the land they are living in and learning the local language is pivotal for making a living. "Values and traditions" however are separate aspects that need to be respected by immigrants and refugees. But if they are instructed to "obey" those "values and traditions" of their country of adoption, it amounts to abandoning their own values and embracing a new code of personal morals. Thus according to the German Chancellor "multiculturism is a lie," brazenly asserting her own fascist values. If xenophobia feels that unbearable, hard luck. The proxy war in Syria was NOT the idea of the Syrian people.

Then suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, thousands of "Arab men" gathered in Cologne to grope and rape during new year's eve celebrations 2016. This was plan 2 of Merkel's new refugee policy across Germany and much of Europe - intense vilification. With a lineup of ugly tales, Syrian refugees must be viewed as a bunch of delinquents and lawbreakers corrupting Europe. I hope those of you keen to buy Merkel's hype are aware that the Syrians who recently arrived in Germany and Europe and have supposedly turned into monsters overnight had lived in Syria all their lives PRIOR to the proxy Western invasion via Al Qaeda when Syria's law & order was rated as one of the best in the world with complete security for women. According to Gallup pre-war Syria was the 5th safest country in the world until 2010. It was far safer than Germany. Little or no comparison on that.


Multiculturism is not a simmering stock with veggies, lentils and spices in a huge melting hotpot, as commonly presumed. Such a monolithic society is never consistent with the concept of freedom of thoughts. It isn't integration, it's coercion. True integration metaphorically fits the idea of a tossed salad rather than a melting pot where every ingredient exists within the same bowl yet maintains its selfhood, distinctiveness and originality. Everyone lives in peace with mutual respect obeying the state laws and bylaws, while their values and traditions must be determined by their personal choices and free will.