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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dr. Jamal Assad of Croatia: Another rat-bag drumming up support to finish Syria.

Jamal Assad is commonly accepted as the SNC representative in Croatia. He is an ardent admirer of the so-called Syrian jihadists and is particularly close to Al-Farouk Brigade .. photographed wearing the faction's uniform.

Al-Farouk Brigade was formed by FSA in 2012. By 2013 it split into several groups mostly run by foreign terrorists. At present there are hardly any Syrians in Al-Farouk Brigade.

Croatia has been suspected of supplying planeloads of weapons to AQ and FSA groups in Syria since 2013 when suddenly an influx of new models of rocket & grenade launchers and recoilless guns - all Croatian made - began arriving in the country to assist the invasion. Croatia is not yet a part of the EU and thus not facing an official arms embargo. Utilizing this loophole, it's in a favorable position to participate as a double proxy in the Syrian war on behalf of Western powers and itself. Though the Croatian government denies it, Al-Arabiya happily acknowledged "The Croatian capital (Zagreb) has served for months as a transit point for Saudi-financed weapons for Syrian rebels."

Most Syrians defending their homeland have little doubt that Croatia has been illegally and frequently supplying weapons to terrorists in Syria.

The Muslim population of Croatia is 2% out of a total of almost 5 million .. 86% are orthodox Christians.

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