Falsifying the cause of suffering in Madaya | Heyday of propagandists

Aid convoys carrying food, medicine and blankets, leave the Syrian capital Damascus as they head to the besieged town of Madaya on January 11, 2015.  (AFP photo)
Aid convoy leaving Damascus for Madaya, Jan.11, 2016. 
Press TV image

Located 31 miles northwest Damascus, Madaya is the latest rattle to discredit the Syrian government.  Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya are at the helm embellishing this myth. 

The folklore that is spreading like forest fire is that the Syrian Army and Hezbollah have blockaded Madaya and are starving 40,000 civilians, many of them children and women. Just about every effort is being made to paint the Axis of Resistance squarely responsible for the agony in Madaya with scores of heartbreaking images of starving children and the elderly. Al-Arabiya recently published two photos of a 7-year-old girl, Marianna Mazeh, that went viral on the internet fraught with fury and emotion - a healthy image next to a gut-wrenching photo-shopped picture of the girl looking unrecognizably emaciated and starved. Soon after, The Daily Star of Lebanon confirmed that Marianna Mazeh is not Syrian. She lives in South Lebanon and is healthy and happy with her family.

The most repugnant part of this trick involves the Western media issuing perfunctory and sketchy statements insinuating Ahrar-as-Sham and Jaish as among the residents of Madaya helplessly trapped within the town. Ahrar and Jaish are NOT civilians of Madaya. Is that necessary to mention at all ?? They are fierce gunmen whom the US calls "moderate Syrian rebels" and the closest allies of AQ's deadly Jabhat Al-Nusra. They are present inside Madaya as invaders, using the residents as human shields and more.

The fact that is carefully camouflaged is that Madaya is one of those many government strongholds in Syria with high concentration of Assad campaigners. Why on earth would Assad ever be interested in blockading and starving a town full of his own supporters is a question missing in every pro-terrorist Western and gulf Arab media.

So, what is the cause for the starvation of civilians in Madaya? A British source mentions in one of its stories that rice is presently selling at $250/kg. Food has become so scarce that people are living on boiled water scented with spices. But will we ever be told of the massive blackmarketing prevailing in Madaya by Jaish and Ahrar who are not only looting the food, clothing, electronic and jewellery stores in the town but also relief goods brought in by aid convoys and selling them at exorbitant (rather unthinkable) prices to starved and helpless civilians? Each time the Syrian government has arranged for humanitarian goods to be delivered to civilians in Madaya, the terrorists have furiously clashed with SAA and Hezbollah to prevent food, medicines and other necessities reaching the people.

What is presently happening in Madaya comes from precisely the same game-plan started by Jaish, FSA and Al-Nusra in the besieged Shiia-majority towns of Fuaa and Kefraya causing widespread destruction specifically destroying food and medical depots with the goal to starve, kill and compel civilians to surrender.

If you stretch your memory a bit into the past, the scenario was quite identical at Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees located 8 kilometers from Damascus. Established in 1957, it grew into a prosperous and peaceful little town with a population of 115,000 registered refugees having permission to work and own property, and entitlement to all of Syria's welfare benefits. It was devastated by FSA and Al-Nusra in 2012, using thousands of Yarmouk residents as hostage in an attempt to bargain a one-sided deal with the government, and in the process killing and starving many of them. In April 2015, residents of the Camp went through another harrowing experience when Yarmouk was overrun completely by Daesh (IS). The Camp now looks like a ghost town. Though it was defended by the ‘Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’ which strongly backs the Syrian government, the same malicious and jarring propaganda buzzed around the world that the "Syrian Army blockaded Yarmouk Camp." It was also accompanied by the sickest joke of the millennium that Assad and Al Qaeda were working together to devastate Yarmouk.

And now no one wants to miss the golden opportunity to further invigorate the war, writing political fables on Madaya to win some favorable points .. exploiting the profound suffering of the town’s residents by foreign backed attackers and thugs.