America's ""ceasefire"" drama in Syria

Feb.23, 2016 from Guardian

In other words .....
John Kerry is warning the world that his government has decided to break Syria for the simple reason that the West never brokered any such thing as a "peace plan" throughout the past five years other than stunts with deceptive titles to mislead the world. The latest which Kerry is shamelessly hinting on is ISSG's ""cessation of hostilities"" and "ceasefire." Not to mention, ISSG conveniently propped up overnight to host this ruse and then disappeared just as fast.

Consequently, on February 25 the so-called Syrian opposition (comprising of the terrorists of FSA aka Ahrar As-Shaam etc.) announced it would observe a provisional ceasefire for only two weeks to "determine the commitment of the other side."   Not to forget, that 'determination' will NOT be based on peace in Syria, not even remotely.  It will be an ultimatum for President Bashar al-Assad to step down and dissolve his government unconditionally so America's favorite big band of "moderate" terrorists take over to establish a replica of the Wild West that existed in America for centuries after it was stolen from the natives.

FSA's decision to provisionally observe a two-week ceasefire to test the Syrian government comes one day after it announced it would not accept a ceasefire unless its closest ally, terror group Al-Nusra Front, was included in it so that it could also get its share of protection.  Russia and Syria did not agree.  So, what made FSA agree to accept the ceasefire temporarily the very next day?  The factor prompting FSA to go ahead were those behind-closed-door-whispers and assurances from Uncle Sam that all terrorists in Syria would be taken care of .. not to worry boys!

And ah!  How hard those White House thugs tried to protect Al Qaeda's Al-Nusra Front from getting bombed by struggling to get the terror group within the shade of ISSG's safety net named 'ceasefire' while in the same breath rejecting Russia's draft resolution to stop Turkey's brazen invasion of Syria.

In a nutshell, there is no f******  "Plan A, B, C, Y, Z or whatever" (excuse me).  There is only one degenerate plan emanating from a collective reprobate mindset to topple Syria's legitimate government and replacing it with terrorist rule.  Reason?  The Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad has made it clear it will never act as a puppet.  Secondly, the West has made no bones over the aspect that it derives special pleasure in the destruction of sovereign Muslim states, shattering their former healthy infrastructure swapped
with piles to war rubble.

What is undeniable is that the United State's sudden idea of "ceasefire" in Syria via the fraudulent ISSG is to grab another chance to re-arm its loyal terrorist mercenaries, Al Qaeda very much included, rather Al Qaeda's Al-Nusra Front is the main organization the American government is optimistically counting on for toppling the Syrian government supported by the largest majority of Syrians.