Syria "truce" and ISSG ("International Syria Support Group")

You may smell more mischief than benefit.

Why would an 'international group' aspire for peace in Syria after wreaking it the way it did? Terminologies speak for themselves and the moniker ""international"" itself indicates blatant foreign interference and disrespect for sovereignty.

Stories are abuzz that ISSG in Munich has recently agreed on ceasefire and delivery of humanitarian relief while also allowing Syria to continue fighting all terrorist gangs. But the so-called Syrian opposition has been supporting scores of terror groups for 5 years and still does. The query is: with whom does ISSG expect the Syrian government to negotiate a "ceasefire?" Despite dozens of warring terrorist factions, the action point of ISSG is "cessation of hostilities" between Syrian government & "opposition" yet it is eluding the specifics of terror organizations to be excluded from this treaty. Syria does not have a single 'opposition.' It has many oppositions.

Undeniably elements within the ISSG are eager to bring Al Qaeda (under cover of "opposition") on the negotiating table. That's confirmed by the disgraceful comment coming from Mark Toner (US State Department spokesman) on Feb.13 rebuking Pres. Bashar al-Assad for his strategic plan to retake Al Qaeda occupied areas within Syria. Straight from the horse's mouth, Toner claims the Syrian president does not have “any legitimacy, but others do.” Note the obvious .. occupied areas in Syria are under Al Qaeda, not the "opposition," which have long been allies and subordinates of Al Qaeda.

America started this war on its own terms and is now changing the course on its own terms and tricks. ISSG talks have no new ideology, let alone a grand one. It's only a new design to keep the devilment adrift (after the failure of Geneva talks early February), having the same old approach and a different title where Kerry is desperately trying to stop the bombing against terrorists causing a huge setback to his core plan of "change of regime."

Fact check:
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