Syrian war and cave life:

    Image:  The Telegraph    

In 2013 when the war was at its worst, more than a hundred displaced Syrians began living in caves at the edge of cliffs in Idlib province .. mostly women and children who lost the male members of their families. These caves were formerly used by farmers as shelter for sheep. Walking in and out of them along the narrow path beside the steep cliffs is much too dangerous. A slight slip of the foot can cause a fatal fall. There have been several accidents. On two occasions children fell off the edge of the cliff while playing mentions The Telegraph. Some also took shelter in underground caves and ancient underground Roman tombs. 

Few of these folks may have been partly responsible for their plight. From 2011 to 2013 some segments of villagers in Syria supported FSA and Al-Qaeda, driven by monetary incentives. Pentagon was paying terrorist fighters including local volunteers monthly salaries starting from $250/month, free cigarettes and free Captagon drugs. Sectarian zeal and lack of vision hindered them from grasping the worthlessness of such a deal, that they were exchanging a prosperous & peaceful infrastructure for a system based of indefinite chaos and destruction. They failed to realize what might happen to their families if they perished for a cause as purposeless and undignified as this.

The story was used as propaganda by US & Brit media against the Syrian government.

As the Syrian war rages on, no one knows the fate of these unfortunate cave and tomb dwellers except Allah Almighty.

NY Daily News
Underground tomb/cave shelter images