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Friday, February 5, 2016

Victory for Syria in Aleppo | Geneva 2016 "peace" talks suspended, a thumping failure.

"Moderate" leaders were too preoccupied to focus on talks while their head-chopping comrades got drubbed by Syrian, Hezbollah, Iranian and Russian forces back in Syria. The twisted scheme labeling dangerous Al Qaeda terrorists and their FSA subsidiary as "moderates" didn't work to win hearts n minds of the international community. Cries for regime change in Syria "hit a blind alley" (Finian Cunningham) and EU ends up burdened with additional responsibility accommodating displaced Syrians whose country it sponsored to invade. Despite the obstinate interference by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, it's getting too difficult for American and European leaders to continue pretending that Syria isn't entitled to annihilate all armed terrorist groups spilling blood and unleashing anarchy within her sovereign boundaries. For those few Syrians who initially supported the opposition, this war "has no meaning anymore." Their hopes are dashed and they feel they've been deluded. The depth of their common suffering and grief have reunited all Syrians, reminiscing over a beautiful and joyous past lost forever.

However, there could still be plenty of trouble ahead. Visibly, the sponsors of this proxy war have their backs against the wall ... a scenario when all options fail and aggressors tend to act their fiercest.

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