Ahmed Davutoglu‬ trots off to ‪Tehran‬

Turkey's titular PM puts up another gross performance to improve his country's soured relations with ‪Iran. He tries to win over the audience with sentiments babbling "we may have different views but we cannot change our history or our geography" (as if he never knew of their regional history and geography earlier). Conveniently enough, the prune mentions nothing on ending his country's calamitous support for foreign terrorists nor his government's deadly policy of ganging up with the House of Saud. Also oblivious of his government's unmatched contributions to bloodshed, robbery and smuggling across Syria for 5 long years, Davutoglu's trump card for reconciliation is MONEY.

After the recent removal of sanctions from Iran, Erdogan finds himself sitting on pins and needles. ‪  AKP crooks realize that there are too many $$$$$ at stake to act audacious. So, they send their little emissary to Tehran using "trade potential" to cajole their political rivals. Sniffing like a clawed frog behind the European Union which is unashamedly trying make hay while the sun shines "tapping into Iran's $400 billion economy," Davutoglu's only motive and modus operandi for rapprochement with Iran is the prospect of exceeding Turkey's planned trade target of $30 billion/year, a jump of more than $20 billion compared to the sanctions era!

Syria‬'s population has dropped from 25 million to 20 million in less than 5 years with at least 5 million Syrians displaced or dead. Many orphaned and maimed.  But all of that is expected to fizzle out into thin air with the razzle dazzle of dollars as the tool for mending broken fences.

It's what I call jaw dropping, mean-spirited inhumanity.