Brussels: Immediate guilt of Rajjab Erdogan, Al Qaeda's top financier

Soon after the incident in Brussels the kingpin of terrorism spoke from Ankara saying that one of the bombers was "caught and deported" from Turkey in June 2015. He also claimed he warned European countries that the man was a "militant." ‪ Turkey's  terror president couldn't have made his guilty conscience more obvious, nay laughable! Neither could the E.U. have made its connivance any clearer by keeping silent at the lies streaming out of this man's reckless mouth. 

This statement from Rajjab Erodgan has proven that in addition to his AQ leadership, massive corruption and desire to befriend the Zionist State of Israel, he is also a careless liar.  Prior to deportation, a terrorist has to be arrested and in custody.  Such dangerous criminals aren't just deported like common visitors so they can resume leading a free life wherever they're sent away. They are deported in custody and handed over in custody of the law enforcers of the land deported to.  If that bomber was deported accordingly, how was he able to fly off like a free bird to Burssels in less than 9 months and do  what he did?  These are important details which Erdogan should be eager to reveal.  Yet neither he nor the EU have anything further to talk about.  Deported where and how, and from which part of Turkey?  When precisely was he arrested in Turkey and what were the circumstances that led to his arrest?  No answers whatsoever to any of these queries.  


Turkey has been and still is the welcoming host of Daesh fighters. They have added to Turkey's population, got their families over, purchased properties, established business relations with wealthy tycoons including Turkey's first family and even began publishing their own daily. The world knows nothing of any ISIL terrorist "deported" from Turkey ever, but there are plenty of news and images of Daesh leaders dining with Bilal Erdogan.