Aung San Su Kyi - Sickest criminal ever! She's the Radovan Karadžić of Burma

Recently BBC's Mishal Hussain interviewed the Burmese dissembler Aung San Su Kyi asking her if she condemned the violence in Burma against the Rohingya Muslim minority.  

Needless to say, this is one of the harshest 4-year ongoing ethnic cleansing, genocide & apartheid in Burma that has butchered and raped 300,000 Rohingya minority Muslims and displaced more than half a million, many of them locked in concentration camps and made stateless on their own land.  

Su Kyi replied she will not condemn it. After the interview while the microphone was still not shut, she was heard mumbling angrily, quote: ""I didn't know I would be interviewed by a Muslim.""

What makes the sub-human Su Kyi even more despicable than the Zionists, Sauds, US politicians etc. etc. is that these lowlifes make no bones about who they are. But the sub-human in this image is widely and traditionally depicted as a ""human rights advocate and campaigner of freedom & democracy"" making that portrayal the most misleading and cruelest joke in human history!

As wise minds have said so often:
"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor .... Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor." Those words are the most precise and explicit description of Su Kyi's surreptitious intent and ideology who never gets hung up on ethics and unhesitatingly approves of turning her country into a slaughterhouse with the blood of the minority with complete disregard for peace and civilization.

Imagine the noise if a Muslim leader refused to condemn such genocide on public television against non-Muslim minorities in their country!

Sectarian differences within the Muslim world have further helped to overlook offenders like Su Kyi. Sunni Muslim governments often consider only Shiias to be their foes and do not bother to raise their voices against the oppression of Muslim minority by non-Muslim governments and their majority subjects. Similarly Shiia Muslims are too preoccupied with their own persecution by Sunni governments, and on the rebound, they sympathize in plenty with non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries but forget the suffering of their Sunni Muslim brethren as minorities in non-Muslim states.

Those who rightly lambaste Al Qaeda and Talibans but prefer to stay silent at identical murders and mayhem committed by the Buddhist terrorists in Burma are sailing on the same filthy, hypocritical boat as the ruthless and unjust Aung San Su Kyi.