Burma: Land of the Buddhist Al-Qaeda

 While the West gloats on ""democracy"" in Burma, abuse of minorities slides from bad to worse to horrific!

Recently a group of 21 Rohingya Muslim men and children who were imprisoned in apartheid concentration camps of Burma with many more of their brethren, decided to travel by boat to seek essential supplies of food and medicines. They are not allowed to travel on land.  Unfortunately the boat capsized.  Fifteen bodies are still missing.  A week prior to this tragic incident, another group of 65 Rohingya Muslims drowned and died when they tried to flee the unbearable conditions in Burmese concentration camps where the Muslim minority are held prisoners in their own country.  The international media never uttered a word on either of these recent tragic stories and many more.

Buddhist bigotry against minorities has widened after Burma's rigged elections of November 2015.  Christian minority of Burma has also begun being targeted.  On 22 April 2016, a group of 500 radical Buddhist monks and their armed thugs forcibly entered the church compound of Church of England in the central Burmese city of  Mandalay to build Buddhist religious symbols.  This is a wake up call for all Christians of Burma.  Mandalay is the second-largest city in Burma.  All mosques are banned in Mandalay.  Not just that, but Muslims are not allowed to own shops nor work as vendors in this city.

Aun San Su Kyi's participation in politics has worsened minority persecution and violation of their rights.  By denying to condemn the 4-year-genocide against the minority in a BBC interview last month, the 70-year-old stone hearted hag and crook-politician confirmed that she accepts playing the role of a silent spectator with pleasure and ease.