Chronicles of ‪Al-Shaddadi‬ (north eastern ‪Syria‬) during ISIL‬ occupation

                                              Image source:  RT video
Shaddadi was liberated from the clutches of ISIL two months ago, February 2016, by Kurdish forces who surrounded the city after cutting off vital supply lines. Shaddadi is one of Syria's major oil producing cities. It was the most important oil smuggling route -- from Shaddadi to Aleppo to Turkey @ $30/barrel --- 6,000 barrels a day regularly sent to Turkey from Shaddadi in lieu of weapons from Turkey to ISIL occupied territories in Syria.

ISIL ordered all schools to be shut in Shaddadi. Boys as young as 13 slogged like slaves at Shaddadi's oil refineries with little or no pay.

When ISIL fighters learned they were trapped, they fled in a mad rush shaving their beards to avoid recognition. Their abandoned homes were strewn with shaven beards. Their deserted workplaces revealed invoices, documents and other transaction records of oil trade with Turkey indicating every detail including price per barrel, number of barrels and name of the driver smuggling each consignment.  Watch the video.

Kurdish forces mentioned they faced very little resistance. Passports of takfiri fighters from Libya, Tunisia and Kazakistan killed in Shaddadi bore stamps from Istanbul for entry to Turkey, the gateway for infiltrating into Syria. Captured Saudi and Turkish fighters in Shaddadi disclosed how easy it was to slip into Syria from unguarded Turkish borders.

During this proxy war, Shaddadi has had a harrowing history of terrorist occupations. It was first taken by FSA-AlNusra. Then Ahrar Shaam; and then Daesh (ISIL) showed up. Apart from the brutal murders/executions of innocent Syrian civilians, every bit of the city's infrastructure is wreaked. Formerly a peaceful, prosperous city, now looks like Mars!   ISIL's real purpose in Shaddadi was to smuggle oil for Turkey, otherwise the weapons delivery would be suspended. 

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