Dismemberment of Syria remains Erdogan's only hope to save Turkey

                                                       Brokered by America
                                             Image from RozNama Wordpress

 #UncleSam -
Delightfully creating monsters and then telling its people to watch out and run.

#Turkey - dismemberment of #Syria  is #Erdogan's only hope to save his own country.

#Daesh #AlNusraFront #FSA etc. etc. all of the #AlQaeda family tree.

After ganging up with the Turkish government for half a decade to arm, reinforce and entertain Al Qaeda groups - never to forget that memorable image of #SenatorJohnMcCain speaking to #Daesh leader #AlBaghdadi for sending fresh consignments of firearms - the #US tells its diplomats and military personnel on March 28, 2016 to leave southern Turkey due to "increased threats from terrorist groups." This style of preconceived perversity is all to familiar and has been the brainchild of Uncle Sam for decades across the globe. It marks the final stages of each of its destructive setup on foreign soil. And what happens to many of those poor Turkish civilians who never opted for all of this crap and cannot leave the land either?  Well, Uncle Sam apparently thinks that is their problem.

Tragically for Erdogan, 5 years have passed and Syria isn't showing any convincing signs of losing the war. And with Uncle Sam's unpredictable mood swings getting ever so frequent plus the political uncertainties that lie ahead with a new president coming into the #OvalOffice in less than 9 months, it's all quite unnerving. Many terrorists inside Syria are on the run. They cannot return to #SaudiArabia nor to the countries they originally belong where they will be incarcerated if nabbed. Their only safe destination is Turkey. That gives the Turkish leader another reason to pursue the war in Syria, to prevent the chickens coming home to roost, in addition to his persistent hatred for #BasharAssad and his crazy traditional fantasies of #AttilatheHun.