Husband is not wife's boss, but both of them are slaves of Allah

The following illustrated statement was put up by a Facebook page called "Quran Explorer."  Yet the page has overlooked a basic principle of the Noble Quran. 

Read the following and see if you can catch the blunder.

Here is the truth which the Facebook page overlooked either ignorantly or intentionally.

Indeed we are all slaves of ALLAH. That goes without saying.  But if a husband is as pious as his wife, he should know he is a slave of Allah without the need of constant reminders from his wife. Furthermore, a true slave of Allah is humble who would never like to be treated like a "king" by anyone, particularly not by his housefolks.


  1. That Facebook group which claims to be "Quran Explorer" seems to have explored little of the Quran. It is subtly trying to implement the values of ahadith & fatwas into Islam with a spin and apparently using the title "Quran Explorer" as leverage. Not an uncommon ruse.

  2. Where does the Quran ever say that a good wife should treat her husband like a "king?"

  3. So correct, Heba, Najaf. If only this world was a little more awakened.

  4. Admin of this Facebook page must be a bad cook and a lazy house manager .... one of those indolent and officious narcissists who wants to be spoon fed the moment they step into their homes. For such bums it's ideal to spread the indoctrination that husband should be loved like a "prince" and treated like a "king" .. always using authoritarian or bossy metaphors. A good devoted wife who loves a lovable husband will genuinely care for his well-being ensuing from the excellence of his sincere Faith in Allah and for the loveliness of his companionship & understanding as a spouse. Nobody loves princes and kings. They are pampered only as measures of protocol and official duties.

    1. Exactly sister Ruhi. Use of inappropriate metaphors is another problem with these folks that's hugely responsible for the spread of incorrect concepts.


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