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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq War

                           Image source:  Daily Mail

Get ready.   What seems to be drawing close is another big hoax.

Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq war is scheduled to be published on July 6, 2016. It certainly isn't aimed at nailing the criminals. Rather, don't be surprised if it officially exonerates them. The warmongers were given a lengthy duration to prepare .... they needed to prepare plenty of lies in their defense. Not just that, but the Chilcot Inquiry also does not allow any reports or testimonies to be presented by anti-war experts, providing greater protection to the offenders.

Six years ago in 2010, the Dutch Tribunal ruled that war illegal with "no basis in international law." It's very unlikely that the outcome of the Chilcot Inquiry will be the same.  Stop The War Coalition has decided to establish its own "People's Chilcot Tribunal" to expose the culprits who orchestrated the war on Iraq resulting in more than 1 million deaths and several millions displaced leading to the dreadful anarchy, sectarian rivalry and terrorist infiltration that continue until now via proxy tactics of the West.

                Image source:  Guardian

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