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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's time for Britain's Labour Party to split

Jeremy Corbyn shouldn't be tying up his principles with his ambitions.  Whether or not he can get into 10 Downing Street is not relevant.  But it's hugely important that he continues working to promote his values, attracting supporters and potential leaders.  It's imperative that the left must be completely independent and free of the pressure of Blairites.   No matter how gradually his own little group advances over the coming generations, just as long as it keeps inching forward and does not regress or disappear.

Writes Stuart Littlewood (perhaps a bit too optimistically) in "Cold light of dawn for Corbyn."
"Corbyn’s other choice is to leave Labour, take his supporters with him and let the party stew in its own juice  ....  In any case the Labour Party is now soiled beyond decent repair.   There’s still time to build a new, clean, fit-for-purpose political party and get it established before the next general election.  At least Corbyn could then be true to himself."

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