Recent quotes from Sadiq Khan, first ""Muslim"" mayor of London, UK

1) "I want to be a Muslim Mayor that stands up for Jewish rights."

2) "Believe me, I won't be another Ken Livingstone."

3) " I am the West so when they think they hate the West they are hating me."

4) "I am not Jeremy Corbyn's representative in London."

"Sadiq Khan's concern for London's Jews shames his smearing Tory foes." - The Guardian.

"Mr Khan is worried about being labelled 'Corbyn’s man' because in public he sounds barely more supportive of Mr. Corbyn than David Cameron is." - Telegraph.

Occasionally when immigrants of color achieve a degree of success in a predominantly white country, they are potentially more duplicitous than the mainstream ass-kickers. Their ethnicity, a sticking point within their subconscious, gets them caught up in a rat-race striving harder than others to substantiate their bona fide. Londoners had very little to choose between Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith Rothschild.

Rejoicing the event that a "Muslim" is in charge of Birtain's capital is the charming story on the covers. Nestled beneath the gleam and gloss of this victory is the odor of putrid horse shit.  Not that the source of the stench matters;  shit is shit.



  1. The more I learn about him, more I hate this skunk-pube Sadeq Khan. This bugger began attacking Jeremy Corbyn within less than 48 hours of his election as fcuking mayor. According to him, Corbyn's policy will keep Labour out of 10 Downing Street. He says Labour must "appeal to all voters - and not just its left-wing activist base." The NWO ass-kisser promptly met the Israeli ambassador in London. The fart also visited a hindu temple and participated in hindu ceremonies. The filth within Khan was confirmed when the sickest of all the depraved, Hillary Clinton, congratulated him.


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