REMEMBERING NAKBA 1948 | Sixty-Eight Years of the Most Thundering Land Robbery in History.


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                                                            Source:  Intifada Palestine
Al-Nakba means The Catastrophe or Disaster, also known as the 1948 Palestinian Exodus - the real diaspora. From April to November of 1948 at least 800,000 Arab inhabitants were expelled from their homeland which is today known as "Israel." Hundreds were butchered in cold blood. Many Palestinian families fled in fear to avoid the same fate as the residents of Deir Yassin in April 1948 (check Deir Yassin Massacre) at the hands of fiercely armed Zionist militias, the Stern Gang and Irgun. Soon after the land was robbed and ethnically cleansed, began the OFFENSIVE distortion of history. In Israel, they refer to Nakba as ""The War of Independence"" blaming the Palestinians for ""their failure to create an Arab State in Palestine following their defeat in the 1948 war"" babbles the cunning n crazy Wikipedia. Absurdity recognizes no bounds, does it? Nakba was not a "war."  It was an outcome of a preemptive attack involving murder and armed robbery in a predominantly agricultural country where every indigenous individual was unarmed, led a peaceful life for millenniums and never knew the tactics of warfare. It was indentical to the invasions of Changez Khan and Halaku Khan in the medieval era, stealing territories via massive bloodshed and utter destruction.  Presuming that you are in your right mind, would you call the mayhem perpetrated by Changez and Halaku Khan as "war of independence?"

To learn everything about Nakba, you don't need to read much. Just watch the set of pictures in the link below where each image speaks a thousand words.

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