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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Revision of Western propaganda


Snippet Syrian war :                                         

US government has obliquely conceded to the international community that it has divorced ISIS which has gotten too big for its boots (after enjoying the benefits of American money and weapons for 3 years). But the WH is still head over heels in love with those other whores - Ahrar, Nusra, Jaish and more - who are now its only hope for the destruction of Syria. The American people of course know the other whores simply as ""rebels."" So .. the propaganda machine has lately been overhauled with artful knack displaying a new exterior. After refusing to officially declare Ahrar as-Shaam (working closely with al-Nusra) as a terrorist organization and ignoring its massacres of Syrian civilians in Al-Zara and Aleppo, the bluff went still farther. The West is presently working as hard as it can  to earn sympathy for the ""rebels"" portraying them as victims of ISIS. It's a noteworthy whirlwind of deception running on top gear.

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