Meet the Turkish PM who succeeds Davutoglu

                                                   From:  Ufilter Blog

Turkey :-

There was just one candidate for the PM's post - Binali Yildirim, Erdogan's leading puppet-ally. He came to office yesterday, May 22, and has already divided the nation. Binali Yildirim is a keen advocate of establishing the presidential system and has asserted that changing Turkey's constitution is his top priority. Writes Ufilter Blog "Yıldırım’s time in charge of the country will not last long – he will be a transitional AKP leader until the proposed changes are brought into force.."

In the notorious corruption scandal in Turkey 2013, Yildirim's name was on top of the list with members of Erdogan's family.  Reportedly Erdogan exerted plenty of his official influence to silence the serious allegations of fraud and double-dealing against his friend. Mentions the same source, "Binali Yildirim owns at least 17 companies, 30 ships and a yacht 47 meter called 'Lady Dee,'" though that may sound like chicken-feed compared to the ill-gotten wealth amassed by his hawkish boss which is estimated to be well over a billion. The new PM has two sons and a daughter who are handling his stolen assets .. similar to Erdogan's children who are their Dad's most trusted confidants.  Rumors abound that Binali Yildirim's son, referred as Yildirim Junior, is taking precious lessons from Ahmet Burak Erdogan, Erodgan's eldest son and businessman who, along with his brother Bilal, owns several maritime companies exporting stolen Syrian & Iraqi oil to eastern Europe and Asia.   Allegedly both Yildirim Jr. and Ahmed Burak "like drugs, women and gambling." Yildirim Jr. has been seen spending a lot of time in casinos in Singapore.

It's understandable why only one person was viewed as eligible as Turkey's next PM to succeed Ahmed Davutoglu.

Congratulations to the people of the Turkish Republic for having a new PM with remarkable credentials who will be working tirelessly to pave the path for the next "revolutionary" President-for-life -- Recep Tayyip Atatürk.