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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Surfacing of Brexist's dark undertones

                    Image source:   Huffington Post

One would think the victory of Brexit to be a positive step particularly for Muslims living outside Britain as it diminishes the influence of Britain's foreign policy which has been detrimental more often than not .... divided they fall sort of story.  One would also presume that the success of Brexit would have major economical benefits for Britons.  Apart from minor hikes on trade tariffs (which too can be waived if the free trade policy isn't abandoned altogether), the British government should now have more money to spend on its people.  Its prime excuse for harsh austerity cuts year after year was its responsibility to bail out poorer EU countries heavily under debt unable to repay without assistance of the richer ones.  That burden is no more.  However, it seems the common masses of no country are able to positively utilize the benefits of their own decisions.  It was shocking to learn that soon after Brexit, racism in Britain rose to astronomical heights almost overnight.  Probably it never occurred to a lot of us that Brexit for many locals wasn't about economic and political independence of Britain, rather it was distorted and aimed at achieving xenophobic goals and the destruction of multiculturism.  Pathetically it has erupted into an ugly fete for ultranationalists and traditional hardliners calling for ban on immigration and deportation of existing immigrants including those living in Britain for over three or four generations.  The buzzword "go back to your country" has been rumbling like a broken record.  Bulk of confrontational racism has reportedly zoomed against people of color (namely British Muslims) while Poles living in Britain have received more subtle humiliative goodbyes with snide expressions of gratitude for supporting Britain in WW2.  If that's the argument, then how about a slogan telling the Queen to go back to Germany whose great-great grandmother (Victoria Saxe Gotha-Coburg, the pride of the British royals) was half German, raised in Germany and spoke English with a very German accent?

Perhaps they aren't wrong when they say success of Brexit sprung from two aspects in the minds of the country's masses.  Yes, xenophobia;  undoubtedly that was one of the determining factors.  Secondly, a profound dislike of politicians, bankers and the country's aristocracy in the hearts of common Brits.  The second of the two gives us reasons for optimism only to get washed away by the first.

Yep, no end to strange surprises that just keep killing our good cheer.

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