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Monday, June 27, 2016

Yemen | AQAP | US boots on the ground 2016 .. beyond a proxy war.

                 Image:  Sputnik

Barack Obama decided to display his arrogant madness one last time before leaving the WH. To deal with the gigantic disaster in Yemen caused by the brutal and incompetent Saudi/Emirati coalition, US troops have now been sent to handle its messy aftermath. This is Obama's decision WITHOUT congressional vote and NO legal authority.

US troops in Yemen will be fighting shoulder to shoulder with AQAP (Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula) which has served as an ally of the Saudi coalition in Yemen since July 2015. In February 2016 BBC confirmed the coalition and AQAP terrorists were fighting together against Ansarullah in Taiz.

AQAP has benefited immensely from its collaboration with the Saudi coalition. Once again the US has been instrumental in strengthening a rag-tag Al Qaeda offshoot into a prominent terror fighting force. AQAP is now an indispensable partner of the Saudi Kingdom. Presently it occupies a 400-mile stretch along the coast of southern Yemen.

According to Pentagon, US troops will stay in Yemen "for a short time" which means any length of time. The Saudis with their AQAP allies have already killed 7,000 Yemenis and wounded, starved many more. By the time US troops leave Yemen, those figures could rise three-fold.

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