Post failed coup Turkey: Rumors of a new triangle in the making - Turkey/Russia/Iran

If true, it would look anything but pretty.

              Image from: The Duran - Russia warned Erdogan of incoming coup

Stories abound that Russian intelligence alerted Turkey about the impending coup by passing intercepted wireless communication between Turkish military personnel plotting the event.  Then, there was news about the two Turkish pilots who had downed a Russian warplane in Syria November 2015 recently arrested as suspects participating in the failed coup. Or, was it a gesture of gratitude toward Putin for preferring the devil he knows better?   With Erdogan's imagination running wild, he thinks the coup was instigated by the United States because of his recent low-key shift in foreign policy over Syria.  That aspect is now being gossiped as bringing Russia and Iran close to Turkey. So, let's try to get this straight.  Recep Erdogan, after five long years of unleashing the most horrific bloodbath in Syria via Al Qaeda, decides to make peace after facing a spate of similar attacks in his own country by his own favorites.  Does this mean Russia and Iran will now embrace that outrageous criminal as a long-lost friend and shower him with sympathy as a "victim" of a failed coup, forgetting his blood drenched hands, his limitless / incalculable war crimes and his pivotal role in permanently fragmenting and wreaking Syria?

Let alone wisdom or principles, can a semblance of decorum be attributed to any country any longer?

Fact check:  FARS News