Rogue Republic of Turkey: Why are the chances dim for another coup

Turkey's Adalet ve Kalkınma Party (AKP) is working tirelessly to redesign the Turkish Army.   The process, though furtive, has been transparent enough to observe without doubts.  Since more than a decade Recep Erdogan has been trying to purge the Turkish army of Kemalists, replacing them with Gulenists.  That went on until Erdogan and Fethullah Gulen were allies.  But as political greed got the better of the former, Gulenists were no more welcomed in the army.  And then, came the attempted coup d'tat of July 2016.  Followed by an abundance of premonition and intuitionism, it brought the need for a new set of desperate and ridiculous changes within the army, promoting hundreds of colonels to replace generals who have  lately been kicked out, cleansing the Gulenists and replacing them with extremists who are committed to the ideology of the so-called jihadists and loyalists of the Muslim Brotherhood chain.  MB has been a longtime reliable ally of AKP.   Consistently reported from various sources, thousands of Brotherhooders arrived in Istanbul on the night of July 15 to assist Turkish extremists after Erdogan's call to his supporters to take to the streets.  

The active participants in the recent failed coup were the Turkish air force and the gendarme.  They say the Turkish army played a relatively passive role as more than half of it consists of "jihadist" sympathizers. 

Additionally, Turkish radicals joining the Party as AKP activists are Erdogan's most trustworthy loyalists.  Surprisingly for some reason, most of them are middle-aged men rather than young men, something that was impossible not to notice when a group of heavily armed men in civilian clothes took to the streets in Istanbul on the night of July 15 and 16 torturing and killing soldiers who were showing the white flag. That confirms an old suspicion that activists and supporters of AKP are now armed to the teeth and cannot be categorized as common civilians.  It's a carefully planned strategy of the AKP.  The armed branch of the Party serves as the 'secret service police' of the AKP government and its president. 

The countrywide crackdown has targeted the civil society more harshly than the military with arrests and suspensions of nearly 60,000 journalists, academics and public sector workers in three weeks.  More than 50,000 Turks have had their passports seized and aren't allowed to travel.  That's protecting the Turkish "democracy" Tayyip-style.  Despite the bestiality reaching disturbing levels, the Minister for Europe, Alan Duncan, still hasn't said that Turkey has no chances any longer of getting into the EU. It's not only the so-called proponents of democracy in the West who are befriending these rogue states.  It's much worse.  The ideology of "democracy" itself has been mercilessly warped, perverted and bestowed as a gift on rogue states as an investment for their imperialist allies.

Beneath the rosy facade however, all isn't well for AKP.  Turkey is a country of 80 million, a community that certainly isn't a monolith.  Stifled voices of dissent are proliferating, not to forget the Kurds. There are people silently raising eyebrows within the Party itself.  Senior insiders like Abdullah Gul and Ahmet Davutoglu have shown their displeasure working with Erdogan despite their outward support for him.  There would be many more who haven't yet surfaced, casting doubts on the future cohesiveness of the Party.  Not a single analyst is of the view that Turkey isn't deeply divided with a civil war-like atmosphere prevailing already.   They are also unanimous in their opinion that talks of another coup in the near future would likely be little beyond gossips ensuing from Erdogan's fear-mongering tactics. However, history says that a military coup is not the only way of confronting a tyrannical dictator with growing psychological issues in a society as polarized as Turkey.  Kurds, Gulenists and Kemalists are still around, much an integral part of Turkey's populace .. and they don't love the AKP leader.