'White Helmets" of Syria - who are they?

Call them Syrian Civil Defense or the White Helmets of Syria, they are one and the same - 'humanitarian' agents of the White House who emerged in 2013.

One of the keenest to impose a "no fly zone" over Syria, they claim to be "non-partisan" yet operate ONLY in the terrorist occupied areas of the country.   Mainstream media is literally doddering with infatuation putting up stories that White Helmets are training and recruiting numerous volunteers within Syria with heroic (yet unsubstantiated) reports of  "rescuing injured civilians and saving lives."  Don't forget, very few civilians are still left in terrorist controlled areas of Syria.  Most have fled

Perhaps White Helmets can be categorized as a sister organization of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a US-based opposition organization run by Syrian renegade Moaz Moustafa (the man who accompanied John McCain to Syria to meet Al Qaeda in 2013) having close ties with WINEP and AIPAC and is a serial lobbyist for "regime change in Syria." 

Tons of reports have been published by White Helmets on that hackneyed narrative of  ""Assad's barrel bombs,""  but not a single one on the countless indiscriminate uses of tow missiles, wire guided anti-tank missiles, mortars, assault rifles, pistols, and a countless variety of hand grenades & rocket propelled grenades (all US-made) by Al-Nusra Front and ISIS (via Turkey) causing record breaking destruction in government controlled civilian areas.  

Widespread cases of rape, sex-slavery and human trafficking of Syrian women, girls and children by foreign fighters conflate as yet another sordid episode on which White Helmets conveniently seem to have no information whatsoever.

Recently on July 27, a devastating car bomb was carried out by one of the many terror groups at Qameshli city of Haska province in Syria.  It killed dozens and wounded scores.  But the White Helmets were nowhere to be seen because the attack was carried out by their "moderate" allies.


The very ugly practice of image fraud is getting much too rampant. It's the sort of manipulation that plays wonderfully in the hands of hardcore anti-Assad reporters like Ken Roth and his likes.  Photos of unspeakable mayhem and blood cuddling atrocities carried out by ANF and ISIS that are passed on as results of ""Assad's barrel bombs""  and randomly used by Al-Jazeera and Western channels including Time magazine without a jot of verification are by courtesy of White Helmets.   Cautiously crafted deceptions such as Israeli bombing of Gaza in 2014 circulated as 'Victims of the Syrian Army'  in 2015 and ISIS massacre of pro-Assad tribesmen in Deir Ez-Zorr in 2014 captioned as 'SAA bombing of Ghouta' 2015 are the kind of bluffs no more uncommon.  Netanyahu must be blowing kisses at the White Helmets.  The Israeli Defense Forces slaughter Gazans at will as a pastime while dozens of those images are picked and dumped on Assad by White Helmets.  Check the image below taken from an article by Venessa Beeley that appeared on Global Research, a very accurate example of the image-bungling going on within the circles of propagandists and provocateurs.

This is NOT meant to distract anyone from the genuine suffering of civilians in war-torn Syria which is overwhelming to say the least.  For readers and viewers however, discernment is all-important.  You may see heart-rending snapshots of injured children, women and elderly, helped and taken to safer grounds by seemingly dedicated young men and women wearing white helmets with the standard presumption that they are victims of government bombings.  But no one knows the nature of crossfire these civilians were caught up in and subsequently wounded.  Was it an exchange of gunfire between ISIS and ANF?  A fusillade that began between rival groups of the defunct FSA?  Was it one of the oft occurring skirmishes between insiders of some of those 200 plus armed groups scattered across Syria?   White Helmets will not give any details other than allowing the world to presume the cause of their choice - "Assad's barrel bombs."

Maryam Rajavi is one of the staunch supporters of White Helmets. I'm sure everyone knows who she is. She heads the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) supported by anti-revolution Iranians living abroad and US politicians.  Her husband, Masoud Rajavi, is the leader of the terrorist organization, Mojahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), also known as the Rajavi cult.  Rajavi's website contains some ridiculous one-sided stories by White Helmets blaming the Syrian government for just about every single death of Syrian civilians, going to the extent of demanding Assad's prosecution for "war crimes."

Fair clarification of sources and causes of attacks on civilians is imperative.  Only if the international community is not misinformed will it stop supporting the preemptive invasions across Syria which will help bring an end to this needless bloodbath.  But apparently White Helmets see that as a  problem, indulging in massive manipulation and cover-ups along side their humanitarian work.  

The Syrian government is simply upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty by resisting a horde of foreign invaders which, taken for granted, is the entitlement of every government in the world in a similar situation.

Intent is the keynote of every ideology.  When politicking and nepotism permeates within a humanitarian institution, it gets pitifully dehumanized!