Aleppo Syria - As takfiris struggle to dodge their Waterloo

The Syrian government has confirmed that it intends to retake the whole of Aleppo and continue attacking the armed foreign fighters who are occupying large swathes of the province.  Syria's resolute approach is becoming a growing obstacle for Al Qaeda affiliates and their disciples etched as "moderates."  Obama's hopes have been substantially dashed.  That lullaby his advisors sung for long to soothe his heart that the Syrian Army is too stretched and won't be able to withstand the "rebels" for much longer is just not beginning to look true.  

Bedlam Blogger mentions in "Aleppo Endgame" that foreign fighters in Syria and their Western sponsors are presently "desperate to salvage the regime-change project." Not surprising that very recently a frantic propaganda was unleashed by the voluntary Civil Defense group (aka White Helmets, the accomplished liars)  that there were "two chemical attacks" in northern Syria without a shred of evidence which prevented senior US officials to resume beating the war drums, much to their disappointment.   Agreeing with Bedlam Blogger, they are extremely wary that Assad with his Hezbollah and Iranian allies and whatever help Russia is still offering would be able to liberate most of Syria by the end of this year.  It's possible that the bloodbath initiated by foreign fighters in 2011 could be over before the Clinton regime takes over the White House after the upcoming fixed US elections, the rigging for which has already begun.  It would then be difficult for the old woman to initiate a new inquest  against Syria upholding another bout of invasion, much less a direct NATO intervention that was stymied in August 2013. 

Accordingly, there's an opinion that the Syrian government may want to move fast with its plans while Obama is still in the Oval Office.  But that may not be wholly correct.  Rather, it isn't.  From his side, Assad has made it abundantly clear that Washington may march off to Hell along with its flunkies. Visibly the Syrian strategy has been moving at its own pace squarely focused on the best interest of the country.  Assad is no political laggard and those five harrowing years since 2011 have made him still smarter.  He knows that there are no rules nor scruples within the neocons' new world.  If they're hellbent upon the preemptive destruction of a country, they will do it, even if that amounts to the resumption of another illegal war.   Assad's aspiration comes from his commitment to his country, defending its sovereignty and rejection of puppetism.  That's the real problem which has left the neocon jackholes scratching their heads for decades since the time of Hafez al-Assad.

A week ago - August 6 - An Nusra and its allies of different FSA factions inside Aleppo were desperately trying to seek help from external takfiri forces in Syria including Daesh. This ought to be an eye opener for Vladimir Putin whom Tayyip Erdogan is trying to woo with stories that "Syrian rebel groups" or "moderates" have no ties with Daesh.  Considering that, it isn't surprising that there are no reports until now of Turkey shutting its borders with Syria to block the supply of weapons and entry of terrorist fighters.  Neither has Putin been perturbed about this terrible intentional oversight of the Turkish leader which is the prime cause turning all confrontations between the Syrian Army and terror groups into yo-yo battles, slowing the progress for Damascus.  Yet the good news is that despite Ankara's low-key but continued support for terrorists, the turn of the tide looks increasingly in favor of Damascus.