French war on burkini

Selective xenophobia, selective misogyny. 

French police and ISIL police - who's learning from whom?

Even the dumbest of the dummies are raising eyebrows at the atmosphere of tenacious pettifoggery within the French system.

With a foreign policy that's been one of the kindest to terrorists, at home the French government keeps repeating its fears of terror attacks like a broken record. The French cure for this self-created political malady is the radical secularization of the French society.

                                   Burkini swimwear:  Image source The Blaze

On August 21, 2016 the French police forced a group of Muslim women at a beach in Nice to strip off their burkinis in public.  The 'law enforcers' didn't only demand the removal of the hair-cover but the removal of the entire outfit .... in a crowded beach!!  It was an act that one would only expect from ISIL regulators of their tyranny.  Soon after, a Nice tribunal promoted discrimination to new heights also contradicting the frequently mentioned concept of French 'secularism.'  It claimed that the reason for banning the burkini was to avoid offending ""the religious convictions or non-convictions of other users of the beach.""  However, offending the religious convictions of those wearing the burkini by stripping off their clothing in public is apparently not relevant within the French legal system. The Nice tribunal has confirmed by its own admission that the French law isn't secular.  Prohibition of the burkini is to respect the "religious convictions or non-convictions" of others, expressing a mix of discrimination and zealotry, not secularism.

It isn't an uncommon approach of nations any longer to use 'secularism' as a garb for covering up profound xenophobia and extremism.  India and Israel are two other flaming examples of the same archaic mindset.

Extremes consist of two opposite corners.  If forcing a woman to cover is oppression, forcing her to uncover is oppression just as much, often with  greater humiliation.

How many of you would know the real story of burkini swimwear, that it isn't on demand only by Muslim women?  The inventor of burkini is a Lebanese-Australian lady based in Sydney, Aheda Zanetti.  She designed this modest swimsuit in 2004 for Muslim women not comfortable with the traditional skimpy bikini.  The burkini beach attire that covers the entire body is waterproof and very lightweight, making it an ideal swimming costume.  Since the last 12 years when the burkini began being marketed, there has been a 200% spike in the burkini business, a thundering entrepreneurial success!.  The most amazing irony as stated by Zanetti published at Hollywood Reporter is that bulk of the orders for burkini have been arriving from non-Muslim female beach goers anxious to cover up their skin for protection against skin cancer.  Not only them, but there is also a huge demand for burkini from women who are skin cancer survivors for whom complete protection against UV rays is imperative.   The deadly skin melanoma (skin cancer caused by the sun's ultra violet rays) is one of the top killer diseases in Europe, North America and Australia.  In the last three decades, skin cancer has more than doubled in the US alone.  That has created a lot of awareness on the importance of increased body coverage for maximum sun protection, and the burkini is seen as the perfect beach attire, giving women the opportunity to visit sunny beaches without any harmful effects on the skin.  Besides the fact that sun-screen lotions don't guarantee one hundred percent protection to skin exposed to UV rays for long hours, the inconvenience of pasting the entire body with sun-screen is impractical.  Not surprising, many Western reporters have been viewing burkini as America's "next beach fad."

But with pig-headed obstinacy getting the better of them, French authorities are incapable of reconciling with rational and civilized perspectives on decision making.  Former French President, Nikolas Sarkozy, who has already begun his presidential campaign for 2017, along with several mayors of French cities, are staunchly supporting the ban and have vowed to defy the court ruling that overturned the ban on August 26, Friday.

In Israel, Hasidic Jews have "women-only beach days" .. beaches that are gender-segregated.  Hasidic Jewish women and men going to beaches and swimming pools are fully clothed in accordance with their religious beliefs.  Hadidic Jewish women walking on the streets of Israeli cities and towns are covered from head down to their toes.  Are Hasidic Jews prohibited from entering France?  Do Hasidic Jewish women, who strictly adhere to their religious dress code, need to change to short skirts before walking on the streets of France?  Are they required to wear the Western style bikinis while visiting French beaches?

When we were growing up, we were explained the precise definition of a "secular society" in the West as one with the presence of options.  You dress as you wish, you eat what you desire and you follow the tradition of your choice .. all of which constitute your fundamental civil rights which governmental laws aren't entitled to infringe.  But after the start of the 21st century, secular Europe rapidly began displaying disturbing similarities with the infamous bigotry of medieval Europe under the fiery rule of the Church in Rome that terrorized Europe for 600 years until the late 1800s and eventually necessitated the separation of State and Church.  Today as we see it, only the cultural priorities of the two European eras differ; their mentality (including political values) is identical.  

Presently we are told by European governments of those very sources that bragged on the tolerance of European secularism until a decade and a half ago that it is mandatory for immigrants to "obey" (a discreet synonym of 'embrace') European traditions and culture.   Hopefully you will have enough common sense not to mix up the aspects of  "obedience" to a country's law and "obedience" to its traditions.   Majority of immigrants are law abiding and are very comfortable with the former, but the latter is quite another issue that viciously clashes with the much talked about Western pride of secularism.

Quoting Germany's Angela Merkel, the flag bearer for the return of medieval European bigotry, "Those who found refuge and protection with us must obey our laws, values and traditions. And in order to understand us, they must learn the German language. All this is integration. All this is the exact opposite of multiculturism. It remains true that multiculturism leads to parallel societies and multiculturism therefore remains a lie."  Focus on the selection of words.  A proponent of coercion, she is attempting to be an advocate of "integration" while plainly trashing multiculturism.  She got a standing ovation from a large German audience.  This video appeared in Globe & Mail in Facebook, December 2015. It was soon removed and won't show no more, probably because it's too racist. 

Since then, Germany has inundated itself with fake stories of mythical "rapes by refugees" in an effort to appear as "victims" to downplay Merkel's instrumental role in financing Al Qaeda terrorists for the invasion of Syria which has deprived Syria of a fifth of its population.  A country of 25 million is now only 20 million in less than 5 years.   While the same sources now talk of Syria with pleasure as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, they're conspicuously silent on the fact that until 2010 (months prior to the war), Syria was rated by Gallup as the 5th safest country in the world, also acknowledged by the U.S. State Department. 

To my utter astonishment, I read several comments in the social media addressing the niqab and hijab as "Wahabi" dresses.  So ... as the non-Muslim (takfiris) of Al Qaeda go about their deadly vandalism with Western weapons and money, the daft segments of the Western community jump to ridiculous conclusions, judging every Muslim female from what she wears, branding her with bizarre social stigmas and interfering with her basic legal rights.  Gasp, sigh or applause ?!!!   You tell me. 

Neither niqab  nor hijab have anything to do with Wahabism nor any other notions the takfiris may have ingrained into the minds of the unthinking.  The preponderance of Muslim women harassed because of their dress code are not coerced into it by their families.  They wear whatever they do by choice.  And most of them despise Wahabism much more than do the Western governments.

Some images below show very similar culture within certain Jewish segments.

                               Image source: NPR org

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         Image source:  Messianic bible  
                    Image source:  Religion news

         Image source and details: haemtza blogspot
        Female members of an orthodox Jewsih family in Canada.