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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hezbollah - a major anti-terror force

"Ten years after the 33-day war between Hezbollah and Israel, Lebanon’s resistance movement has turned into a major anti-terror force in the region. Experts believe the experience Hezbollah fighters have gained in the Syria war have made them a greater challenge for Israel." - Press TV (Beirut) 

 Israeli media Haaretz acknowledges "Israel military now sees Hezbollah as an Army in every sense," adding Hezbollah's "battle experience in Syria raises its game considerably."  

"Hezbollah is positioning itself as Lebanon’s first line of defense against 'takfiri' terrorists: The Lebanese army cannot succeed in its current and future plans without at least moral support from Hezbollah. It would not be possible to eliminate terrorist and takfiri groups in Syria without the party." Syyed Hassan Nasrullah humbly states: "Hezbollah is not a substitute for the state, even in the matter of resistance. When the state becomes capable and strong enough to defend Lebanon, we in the Resistance will go back to our schools and our universities and affairs" (as-Safir [Beirut], April 8). - The JamesTown Foundation, Global Research and Analysis.

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