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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Occupied Kashmir: Rebellion Revived July 2016


         Image source:  Star telegram

Plebiscite (referendum) ONLY path to peace.

Egocentric governments just won't realize that their countries do not become bigger nor more powerful and certainly not prestigious by stealing land.  Additionally, crackdowns on the media in this region by New Delhi have been notoriously and repeatedly brutal.  

If the Indian people truly care for their ""largest democracy,"" they ought to speak out loud and unanimously pressure their government to organize a  referendum in the occupied region in full compliance with the norms of a democratic constitution, granting permission to foreign institutions / individuals to arrive and watch the procedure.  Indian human rights' activists may rally enthusiastically for the independence of Palestine .... then why the silence over an identical scenario in their own backyard, negating their very ideology of humanitarianism while their government continues to distort the institution of democracy right under their nose?   Awfully shameful and hypocritical for sure.

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