Burma: Rohingya Muslims subjected to "Operation Clearance" by Buddhist terror regime

                      Image source Burma Task Force Newsletter.

The Rohingyas (minority Muslims of Burma) are holding a protest in Washington DC on November 1, 2016.  Genocide against Muslims in Burma by the terrorist Buddhist regime is going from bad to worse.  Conditions in concentrating camps' are too appalling to describe.  Thousands of Rohingyas  harshly imprisoned in these camps are literally getting not more than 4 teaspoons of food a day;  worse than the camps run by Nazis in WW2.   Rohingyas have no access to clean water and no access to doctors.  Rape, murder and arson are daily occurrences for Muslims living in villages.  Burmese military and police (no different from Al-Qaeda's ISIL & Nusra) are the ringleaders of terrorism who systematically encourage the mobs. They have now officially labelled their terror-apartheid and ethnic cleansing campaigns as "Operation Clearance."  It's particularly hell-on-earth for Rohingya females;  girls as young a 8, 9 and 10 are frequently raped.  Some rape victims are killed, some are made sex-slaves.  

Raids and destruction of Mosques and desecration of the Noble Qur'an are carried out by Buddhist gangs and 'law enforcers' without the slightest of hesitation.  The most shameless proponent of Buddhist terror is "Nobel" laureate Aung San Su Kyi, one of the closest allies of the West and a silent spectator of this nationwide pogrom.

A week ago, a remote village of Rohingyas was raided by Buddhist government forces.  The village was raised to the ground and dozens of women raped.  While the utter devastation is plain to see in images, the Burmese regime claims the soldiers committed "no abuse."  According to the regime, the raid was carried out in retaliation to a group of Rohingya men turning into insurgents and attacking a few Burmese border guards.  No border guards were reported hurt.  Needless to mention, even if this story is true, the insurgency is justified to the fullest.  If the regime expected the aftermath of its prolonged murderous repression to be anything different, then its stupidity is at par with its tyranny.

                               Image source News Trust.Org

The world won't care to understand that conditions like these within a society can only lead to a single outcome - rise of armed militancy by the oppressed. The Rohingyas have since long been a very quiet, peaceful and benign community.  But they are being recklessly pushed into the opposite direction.  The global community must not be surprised if the Rohingyas turn into a group of armed insurgents within the next half decade or earlier. It's a reaction that is natural of human psychology, and why not?  Resistance against injustice is vested in humans as a right, a privilege.  

                       Image source Facebook human rights activity