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Saturday, October 8, 2016

CrossTalk: White Helmets, Really?

Did you know that the head of White Helmets, Raed Saleh, was denied entry to U.S. in April 2016 when he arrived at Dulles International Airport?  He was scheduled to receive an "award" in a hotel at Washington DC.  Instead he was told to return to Syria-Turkey border where the  'award' would be delivered to him without confirming its date.  Saleh came with a letter from USAID but on arrival he was told his visa had been cancelled.  A vivid example of the wretched double standards and crafty manipulation of the US establishment .. conveniently keeping the guilt ridden accomplices of terrorists away from their own soil but eagerly helping them to wreak other lands and also awarding them for their destruction.  The American people as usual know nothing of the inside story as they continue to feed on media disinformation and presuming this criminal to be a "humanitarian."

"Conservatively estimated, $100 million has gone into 3,000 White Helmet operatives" - Venessa Beeley, investigative journalist.

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