Duped by the directorate of a nanny-state

The international media, the most important weapon of the global elite mafia, is losing its skill to indoctrinate minds as smoothly as it did until a couple of years ago.  Its modus operandi is getting repetitious and lackluster.  Despite that, and the efforts of many common Americans  to break away from the traditional capitalistic policy of financial and political hegemony (dominating not just America but the entire post-WW2 world of "allies"), those people continue to remain prisoners of the oligarchy.

The overbearing system shoots at the life-saving artery of democracy, making it a sham for decades. American people cannot even directly choose their president. The electoral college has the final say, a body of only 538 appointees of the Congress. Whoa! The entire system is craftily designed to muzzle the 99% to eliminate all risks of shaking the foundation of the Jewish-neocon controlled complex structure. The American people are helpless prisoners of the establishment that runs a police state.

Furthermore, the huge size of the confederation of 50 plus states that's rife with polarization is a factor which constantly thwarts peoples' unity, an aspect indispensable for a strong and consolidated movement. It's a very dispiriting and subduing scenario felt by many Americans.

While the so-called declaration of modernism and freedom serves as a window dressing, behind it, U.S. and Europe (including Britain of course)  are pining for medieval decadence. Rather much worse. Unlike modern times, many good things actually happened in the medieval period. In the years between 1790-1799, the French came out on the streets;  they fought and fought to kick out the rule of the hierarchy .. and they succeeded. Can you imagine the modern French people at present fighting as bravely as did their ancestors in the 1700s?  Well, why go that far into the past?  Iran did that successfully in the 1970s and ended up becoming the biggest enemy of the despotic gang of allied global powers.