As the Mosul campaign rolls in, Iraqi soldiers are gathering in the north taking positions. According to Daily Mail dated Oct.19, a US General reported that Daesh fighters and their wives had already fled Mosul. One may wonder how they fled so easily when 1.5 million civilians are still stuck in Mosul with rising fears of a humanitarian crisis? What the General didn't mention was the agreement between Saudi Arabia and US to evacuate all senior Daesh members and their wives and arrange safe passage for them from Mosul to Raqqa. Truckloads of women of Daesh families have reportedly relocated to Raqqa. Until a few days ago it was surmised that Abu Bakr Baghdadi and his explosives expert Fawzi Nouimeh were holed up in Mosul. But now it's far more likely that they too have fled with Saudi & US blessings, leaving the outskirts of Mosul littered with booby traps.

Quoting a local source of Iraq's Nineveh province via SFP:
"Media sources said 10 buses and 12 cars transporting foreign members of Daesh and their families arrived in Raqqa coming from Mosul city without being targeted by the US-led coalition aircrafts."

The US has been openly mentioning of Iraq's intent to retake Mosul since July, as one would periodically announce about an upcoming carnival. They gave Daesh a very long notice keeping them up-to-date with every bit of logistics on the Iraqi side. Daesh would have to be very, very stupid not to flee while America can barely contain its loyalty to old friends.